Cheryl Barnes

Cheryl Barnes was born in Atlanta, Georgia and works as a bookkeeper at an association management company. She attended college at Indiana University Bloomington, majoring in Public and Environmental Affairs Management. While in college, she met Martin “Tony” Barnes. They became inseparable and were married December 24, 1991. After five years of marriage, their first son, Malcolm, was born on New Year’s Eve, 1991.

After Tony obtained his Master’s Degree in Social Work, the family moved to Orlando, Florida where she was employed by her dream job, Walt Disney World. Two years later, their second son was born. Cheryl later left Disney and accepted a job in accounting with a property management company.

After the death of her husband in 2014, and as a way to work through her grief, she started writing, at first, only for herself. But, being encouraged by others, she began publishing her blog, “Widowness and Light.”  Additionally, she is also the founder of Black and Widowed: A Unique Journey Private Facebook group and a contributing author of the book, Widowed But Not Wounded: The Hustle and Flow of 13 Resilient Black Widowed Women, blogger for Hope For Widows Foundation and lead blogger for Black Women Widows Empowered.

Her hobbies include reading, attending Orlando Magic games, yoga, going to the beach, making jewelry, and spending time with her boys.

She currently plans to return to school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Work so that she can help other widowed persons cope with their loss. 

You can reach Cheryl through her public Facebook page, Widowness and Light, which is based on her widowed journey.