"Simply put, BWWE has helped me maintain my sanity in an insane world! Sometimes the external (and internal) pressures of loss and life can be overwhelming. This network is a safe haven in which to share and discuss those overwhelming challenges.

It's therapy"

-Melody B

Sometimes it's nice to be where people have similar historical backgrounds, where there is a shortcut to understanding a situation, where with all of the craziness around you, you know that you have a home where you will be loved and embraced no matter what the outside world may throw at you.

- Beverly J

"I found this group after five years of feeling like a "blue orange." I was widowed at 41, with a 10-year-old daughter and, Black, of course. I did grief counseling early in my journey. It was helpful, but I still felt alone. I needed a place to belong, and safe for me to be free to express my struggles, victories, and hard truths in this life. BWWE is that place for me. The women here lift me up and hold me down. I'm blessed to do the same."

-Karen B

I was so happy and excited when I found this page, purely on accident. I am already a member of several widows groups but none were focusing on the unique issues of black widowed women (or men). Joining a group like this one has given me the freedom to be ME. This is a huge family of women who actually get it and understand what I've been through. Feeling accepted has given me the power to begin my life again and feel as though I can accomplish more. I feel safe putting my real self out there here. I am allowed to miss my beautiful Black husband here and talk about him here without judgment or reprisal. Best of all, posts and topics are very relevant to me as a Black widowed woman...something very hard to find "out there". Thank you for building this forum for US.

-Cheryl B