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Listen to COVID-19 Stories with an audience of 16  Black widows and guest Dr. Sarah Williams, Licensed Therapist, Widow and Board Member

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We understand that a lot of you may be struggling right now, and the BWWE team wanted to let you know that we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and hanging in there.


We also wanted to check-in and address the fact that COVID-19 is changing how we interact. As always, we intend to work side by side with our widowed community and look out for each other so we can get past this.


We get it. You may feel alone during these trying times and wishing your late husbands were with you. I'm personally right there with you. I often look up to the sky to have a little chat with him - and then I soon realize that I'll be OK.‬


If you happen to do the same, comment on our blog. We'd love to read how you're handling this crisis. But in the meantime, please know that we care.



To encourage social distancing and do our best to flatten the curve, we have implemented the following:

  • We have halted our in-person nationwide meetups and have opted to utilize Zoom to stay in touch. Stay tuned for more information regarding the dates of the Zoom calls.

  • We will be halting in-person auditions for the upcoming play in December and may look to audition via Zoom depending on how the situation with coronavirus continues to evolve.

  • Our podcasts are available for your listening pleasure.

  • We're holding 'sisterhood' calls for those who are seeking encouragement and inspiration.

  • We're holding Zoom special events to discuss this pandemic with licensed practitioners and widows who are affected by COVID-19.

  • We will share COVID-19 prevention information with the widowed community

  • We will connect people to local healthcare providers and resources to help them get the treatment and medicines they may need.

  • Provide monetary assistance to widows in need. 



We hope you’ll let us know how you’re doing and what you need, via online groups, social media, and email, and we’ll be exploring additional ways that we can all connect.



We encourage you to stay busy by listening to our podcasts, reading our blogs, and visiting our website to view five years of collective information.


And more than anything, we really want to encourage us to come together. Let's support each other as a community, now more than ever.

If you're seeking more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.

It's our hope and desire that this pandemic will soon pass and that you remain safe.


Stay safe, be blessed.

Thanks to your donations, these ladies were able to receive $100 from our COVID-19 Relief fund!