Help to sustain and expand the work of Black Women Widows Empowered  through your donations


When facing impossible emotional pain one should not have to face financial difficulties. Finances can help one find incredible power and ease the burden as they learn to function as one. Widows can face incredible challenges beyond their grief; such as the loss of their homes, relocation, an inability to provide for their family, facing the emotional toll of loss; and financial insecurity to list a few such hardships.  Widows need support, they may need counseling, they need space, they need to be able to navigate this difficult new life without having to constantly worry about how they will pay for counseling for them and their children, will they be able to stay in their homes, or how will they pay to put their loved one to rest. 

Widows and their children need our help.  Black Women Widows Empowered needs your help. Complete financial responsibility for the family now rests with the widow. Financial planning, planning for a family, planning for life now becomes the responsibility of one. We anticipate a bright future for the organization and for the widows we service.

We ask that you support our mission to reach the Black widowed woman.  Please consider giving to this cause; we can make a difference for these families.  Every donation, no matter the amount, is an act of love, compassion, and empathy.  These ladies, in their darkest hours, need us to surround them with kindness, to shelter them, to lift them up, and nurture them, and to facilitate their ability to identify their new normal.

Thank you for your support, whether through your donations (tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, The Carla Rose Foundation or by way of your prayers.