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“Journaling is one of the best methods of self-care therapy,” says life coach and author Dr. Stacia Pierce. “Once the words and images hit the paper, you have now crystallized a thought or idea.”

Letters from Widows



Each month, we will feature a letter from a widow who will be sharing her heart, her deep emotions, her wounds, and even her joy. One widow each month women will be from around the country, and we intend to give them a space to share her truth. 

As you may know, writing is also a form of healing. Many widows write in their journals, their blogs, or post-at-length on various social media platforms. Often times, it goes unseen after a while and we believe that our platform is the perfect opportunity to present their written words. 


If you would like to share your letter, please contact us.


Our first letter feature is from Tenneille from Mississippi. 


Thank you, Tenneille, for sharing your truth.


-You may send your letter in email or Word form only (in case we have to edit)

-Use the August letter below as a guide (A letter from Tenneille)

-There is currently no character limit but if it's too long, we'll let you know!

-Edit, edit, edit or it will be returned (try using Grammarly - it's a great editing source)

-We accept funny, sad, happy letters, you name it!

-If you're not a Black writer, please consider becoming a BWWE Advocate and tell us briefly why you want to participate (we will include it as a brief introduction in your letter)

-Write your heart out!

A letter from Tenneille, #1

Mississippi (USA)

A letter from Cassandra, #3

Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

A letter from Michele, #4

"Racism Killed My Husband"

North Bethesda, Maryland (USA)