10 Dating Tips for Widowers Over 50

This is straight from a widower's mouth. Check out what our special contributor, Andre Cox, has to say about this topic:

Tip 1) Don't be afraid not to know. Remember most of us have not dated for a long time so the dating scene is way different. If your date knows this, he or she should help you feel more comfortable.

Tip 2) Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. At this point, you've done a lot of things, good, bad or indifferent. Nothing should be embarrassing anymore so be honest about your past, your likes and dislikes. Expect the same from him or her.

Tip 3) Be mindful of your kids. Just because you're free to date doesn't necessarily means you parade various dates in front of the kids. When you realize that he or she is the one, then introductions should be made. Your date should understand that or move on.

Tip 4) Don't beat around the bush. If you like the person, let he or she know. If he calls, answer the phone. If he sends a text, text him back. You should be waaay past those games of waiting. What are you waiting for?

Tip 5) Yes, you still got game. You can be as sexy as you were when you were dating in your 20's. That doesn't mean dress like a 20-year-old but that also doesn't mean to dress like a 90-year-old. If you have it, let the person know.

Tip 6) Intimacy is more important than sex. You probably had enough sex to last a lifetime but intimacy is a way to show your mate he or she is the one. Intimacy is very underrated and should be the dominant physical action in your dating life.

Tip 7) Don't be afraid to show affection in public. Nothing shows love more than two people gazing into each other eyes while out and about. Again, you should be passed that embarrassment stage.

Tip 8) Be mindful of serial daters. If he thinks he is the Mack Daddy, Smooth Operator type, move on. Or if you think she is using you to get stuff and free dinners, bye Felecia!

Tip 9) Probe a little about the past. Find out how long the longest relationship and what happened. Be mindful of the "oh it was 100% the other person's fault." If he or she thinks their stuff don't stink, warning sign and proceed with caution.

Tip 10). Be open-minded. Don't just stick to the same routine. Be adventurous. How fun is it to date someone that the both of you can try new things?

- Andre Cox