7 Days and 7 Ways of Coping With Grief, Death and Dying

Homegoings, repasts, gospel music, preaching, reading of the resolutions and the black church..rest in heaven Auntie.

My aunt passed away and I didn’t get to say goodbye. I vowed to honor her life by honoring her death for seven days.

As a child, I had some of the most powerful memories in what was then a relatively quiet little town called Aberdeen, Maryland, home to Oriole’s legend Cal Ripkin Jr. and the infamous Aberdeen Proving Ground – my dad’s former workplace. Whenever I knew that a trip was in order, my hometown of Baltimore became nonexistent. Why? Because I knew that my little sister and I could get into mess with my cousins without my parents knowing. Shoot, when my sister and I were dropped off to stay with our Nana in what we referred to as “the country”, all hell would break loose. (Sorry Mom. Sorry Dad). Going on walks to the corner store picking out our favorite flavor of Bubble Yum bubble gum, Now & Laters candy and candy ring pops were the highlights of our day.