I said his name during Hurricane Florence

(Originally posted 9/16/18)

Moving on isn't about not loving them or forgetting, it's about having the strength to say, "I'm OK - I can fight through the struggle and tears and more importantly, I'm not scared to admit that I am strong."

I’m sitting here in the dark listening to the wind howl and the thunder of rain caused by Hurricane Florence. 

Sounds like something is about to pop off! Oddly enough, I’m joyous and thankful. My late husband isn’t here ...(his name is Herb, Sabra...it’s OK to say his name)... I still feel safe. I’m in a new place and I’m moving forward. I see his pictures. I see his Nike hoodie that I saved to wear for a chilly and windy day and I can see his heavenly body telling me, “It’s OK to move on, Sabra; I’m fine. I want you to be happy and safe. God needs me here.” And so I will. I’m OK. And so I smile in this midst of this storm I’m moving on. Sabra  

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