Home Is a Place of Solace, by Fatima Ali, Pakistan

No matter where we travel or go, we end up coming back to our small dwelling and feel relaxed and safe there. For a widow, that place becomes vacant, and it’s a new zone where she sheds her tears and mourns at the broken universe because of the life he’s left behind for her. You may hate him for leaving too soon and leaving those dreams unfulfilled that you both shared, and you may also hate him for so many uncovered secrets and details that open up after he went. No matter what, the comfort of his voice and his soothing advice is all you want to hear to calm those nerves, and most of all you miss them when you’re falling apart inside that once happy-home. Keep fighting, they say. Keep smiling, they say. Keep trying to “move on”, they say. All tried. So for now, he is my home. And no matter what, I always end up running back to him to find my comfort, and regain the strength to fight back the turmoils I face everyday.


Fatima Ali is a 34 year-old widow who began this journey at age 29. Fatima is a writer and teacher from Pakistan. You can reach Fatima on any of her Social Media handles: fatimaparacha@gmail.com or Instagram: @FatimaAleParacha Check out her article, Grief, A Prism of Colors which was posted a few months back.

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