Minister Chris Bonner Preaches Black Widow Magic in the Church

"Black Widow Magic is a feeling, an expression of accomplishment, and resilience for the black and brown widow who has decided that her past struggle will not define her current state. She has

decided to move forward and empower others with renewed strength, zest, and faith. This woman is unstoppable and is consistent in empowering her widowed sistas."

Hello readers!

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a minister who found our Black Women Widows Empowered Facebook page online. He admired our page, but more importantly, our Black Women Magic theme. He wrote to me to ask permission to use our theme as the main point of his sermon for Black History Month. What an honor!

For those of the Christian faith, I want to share Minister Chris Bonner's message with you. Here's a brief background about who he is.

Bro. Christopher Bonner is currently a licentiate minister in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church and has been licensed to

preach since 2013. He now resides in Xenia, Ohio and serves on staff at United AME Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. John Freeman.

Wait no more. Check out his audio message below!

You may contact Minister Bonner at

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