A Widow's COVID-19 Porch Talk

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

You can still hold a conversation while still enjoying one another's company, six feet apart of course!

(Photo also features another BWWE widow, Melody Brown - widowed six years)

Check out my interview with Margo Scurry as she explains what made her decide to hold COVID-10 conversations with widows and more.

Where did you get the idea to hold Porch Talks?

I declared 2020 MYOY- My Year of Yes. That's exactly what it's been for me this year: Yes to God and the Holy Spirit's promptings in everything.

I started out having a sorta fun and spiritual gathering with ladies in my home in Feb (19 ladies). In the past, I entertained a lot but stopped because I would get stressed being a "Martha" and it then usually turned into an argument with my husband as to why he wasn't helping enough. We both were handling it wrong so I just quit. But, after returning from South Africa last year - it felt God gave me my dreams and purpose back; all I had to do was say yes. Then Corona hit and I couldn't do the in-house events so I started doing them virtually online and since have hosted about 70 women. But that wasn't enough since I really wanted to have some safe social interactions. So, God spoke to me and said, "You know you have that large porch out back- use it."

That's how I started my Porch Talks, one lady at a time on my twenty-two foot covered porch (that I'm now planning to spruce up, but didn't want to wait for that). I've had eight guests so far and two more coming this week.

My Porch Talks have brought me more joy and gratitude in my life than I could ever imagine. I get to fellowship with others while bringing us both the joy of having that time together. I offer a small snack and look like I'm a Martha Stewart. LOL!

What do you talk about?

I pray before they come that we will talk about whatever is needed - especially for them: life, health, marriage, fear or frustrations about current events, elections, or none of the above. I just pray it will be a time for them to decompress and talk about anything they need to and enjoy the beautiful nature in my backyard.

What were your most memorable talks?

I think it was with my first guest because she came with some heavy problems but it appeared the burden was just a little bit lighter when she left.

How does it make you feel once the session is over?

I feel so blessed when they leave to be used by God in this small way.

About Margo

Margo was married to the love of her life, Bill William Scurry until he passed away September 2, 2017. She's been hard at work keeping his legacy alive, sharing new memories with family and friends, and managing a Black Santa Collector Facebook Page.

Margo is a Digital Inclusion Literacy Specialist at Fully Equipped 4 Life Training Solutions. You may reach her on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/margoscurry

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